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2011 rockey fantasy football, summary

So i fell to 3-6 in my money league and came back to win the #4 seed and a wildcard game after finishing the regular season at 11-7. Given my start, i'll take it.

My all-rookie team won its division handily despite only having 1 quarterback (sam bradford) and he even missed a bunch of games.

My league 12 team dominated early then faded down the stretch as it seems this team does every season. (If i won, i was going to donate the $ to efs..)

I'll be giving up my free league 8 team. I rebuilt it from a crappy team to where it competes for seed #7 (of 16 teams) every season -- too bad only 6 teams make the playoffs.

I won my kindergarten parents league. I have yet to hear anything about my "one free beer for a year at Governor's park" prize.

Lost the rockey league superbowl. Nothing lost -- we all keep our name.


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